There are many forms of sustainable art that you can use, and this depends on the purpose of creating the piece and the materials being used. Some of the most popular types of sustainable art are:

Closed Loop Fashion

This is a form of fashion that pushes for the idea of creating clothing that can be reused and recycled. This is for the manufacturing industry to come up with eco-friendly clothing that does not end up clogging the environment. Most of the manufacturers and people in the fashion industry are now going for the closed-loop fashion for sustainability.

Ecological Art

This form of art focuses on activism and the restoration of the environment. The artists become part of an ecological movement that advocates for civic responsibility, social injustice and making statements on ethics. It is different from other forms of art that highlight emerging issues. For ecological art, it moves further to find ways to improve the situation. For instance, it can be used to restore an old building by putting up creative paintings on it.

Land Art

This is also called Eco-art or Earth Art. It has been in existence for a long time and it is gaining much popularity. As the name suggests, this form of art uses things available in nature to create art. Examples would be landscape photography, doing sculpture or taking things like eggshells to create a beautiful mosaic.

Renewable Energy Sculpture

This form of art helps in bringing renewable energy to communities. Artists come up with sculptures that use wind, solar, and other sustainable energy. It comes up with a perfect blend of science and art. The artists create a piece that is used to collect energy and at the same time showcase the beauty of art. These sculptures can be used in buildings as a centrepiece.