The planet earth has been in existence for over 2000 years. All this time, the earth has supported livelihoods of generation after generation. However, over the last few decades, questions have started to linger on whether future generations will live a better life. The issues around the sustainability of livelihoods for future generations is tied to the care of the environment today.

This blog looks at how taking care of the environment is inextricably linked to the sustainability of future generations:

Food Security

Taking care of the environment is critical for food security and access to clean water. The food we take is harnessed from plant and animal life. Flora and Fauna require a conducive environment to thrive, produce and reproduce. In the absence of environmental conservation efforts, plants will produce less and less food to feed the population.

On the other hand, animals will also suffer the same fate. At the top of the food chain, human beings will get so little to eat and eventually nothing. This will become worse for future generations who will carry a burden which is not of their own making.

Access to Clean Water

Water is critical for the functioning of life. In the world today, over one billion people do not have access to clean safe water for drinking. This has been attributed to the crazy pollution of water sources by industries and other human activities. The situation will only get worse for this and upcoming generations unless something drastic is done to curb pollution. Taking care of the environment is therefore crucial to the ability of current generation and future generation to meet their water needs.


Future generations will need to power their homes and industries. This ability may be compromised if the current generation will not harness the use of renewable energy such as solar and wind energy. The current generation’s addiction to non-renewable fossil fuels is detrimental to sustainability.