Art resources

How to get started

  • Take a moment to think about your environment
  • Do you live in the countryside, by the sea or in a town or city? 
  • How will you share a view of your local landscape, coastline or neighbourhood?
  • Consider how your artwork might celebrate where you live or promote a more sustainable environment.
  • How will you create your artwork?
  • By painting, drawing, printmaking or taking a photograph,
  • Or by making a collage, a mosaic or perhaps a 3D artwork from recycled materials.


Or why not experiment, try new approaches to say something, to shape or influence our impact on local environments.

From the Lascaux Cave Paintings to Banksy, artists, makers and designers have used visual language to inform, influence and persuade.

To celebrate the environment and promote sustainability what would your message be and how can you use visual language to say it?