Art resources

Environmental Inspiration

Draw Inspiration From Your Environment

It's Your World - Share your unique view of it, change it, shape it

  • A view from a window
  • The street where you live
  • Your local park or playground
  • A well known regional landmark
  • A stream, river, canal or bridge
  • Nearby beach or coastline
  • Rural landscape or urban skyline
  • A place you like to go with family & friends
  • Somewhere visited on school / college trip


You can recreate the scene from memory or a photograph. 

Even better; Get outdoors to observe the view. 

Take time to consider what you see and how you will capture the scene.

Is there light and shade? Are there different textures? Think about how the different elements might feel; grass, plants, pebbles, bricks? What colours stand out? Is your eye drawn to a focal point such as a tree, steeple, chimney or hilltop?

Divide your paper or canvas into squares using pencil and ruler to create a grid. This will help to create your artwork to scale and in proportion. Why not make a view finder to use with your grid? Cut out a square from a piece of cardboard, just like a small photo frame, then create a grid with string running across width and lengthways.

Watch How To Make A View Finder

How about creating a detailed study of natural forms such as a leaf, shell, insect or bird?

Nature sometimes arranges itself in patterns, explore the Fibonacci and Fractal sequences.

Look closely at a pine cone, an unfurling fern or ice crystals on a windowpane, the stunning complexity of a Romanesco broccoli head