Caring for the environment is a shared responsibility and everyone has a part to play. For a long time, there has been the misconception that environmental sustainability is something that only scientists and environmentalists should care for. The reality is that we all have a part to play.

If you are an artist, you should also be at the forefront in environmental conservation. Welcome to, a website about art projects promoting the environment and sustainability, and how artists can help in raising money to promote awareness on the environment.

Art and Environment

If you are an artist, you are probably wondering how you can use your art to promote environmental causes. Well, we give you some of the ways you can get involved as an artist, and the kind of art you can produce that will motivate people to start conserving the environment. You will also find a guide on how to make money through art, and how that money then be channelled towards conserving the environment.

You will also learn about the basic things that you can do on an individual level as a way of boosting the environment. We have researched far and wide and we endeavour to provide you with up-to-date information on what artists are doing to save the environment. Everybody needs to take a position when it comes to environmental sustainability. Let your voice matter through art. Feel free to reach out to us for any conservation questions or suggestions that you may have.